Transcription in its various forms is one of the most important jobs in the career market. Companies, industries and organizations now depend on outsourcing transcription facilities so they can concentrate on getting other important jobs done. So if you are thinking of joining a transcription service you are in for a high paying job. If you have the ability to pay attention to detail, love to take up challenges and will not break under pressure you can be sure of landing a very rewarding career. You are creating a whole new text so you are learning something each day. There is no much scope for creativity because you have to transcribe what the speaker is trying to say. But you should have exceptional knowledge of the job you are going to undertake. Since most of the clients approaching transcription services ask for a fast turnaround time you cannot afford to be sluggish. Typing speed is important because you are listening to the speaker and typing them real time.

Suppose, you are interested in the medical field, you have to learn a lot of medical jargons, terms, knowledge of diseases and medication used for them. You should also be able to understand different accents because the doctors, though speaking in English will vary in their accents. And then you will have to transcribe the lectures of professors and other eminent personalties.  Sometimes the transcriptionist will have to produce a complete verbatim form of what transpired at the speech. This includes capturing all the sounds uttered by the speaker. In the non-verbatim transcription, he can eliminate all the unnecessary sounds, repetition and filler words and produce a nice and readable version. In the third form of transcription a concise form of the speech is recorded. It is not as if the whole speech is recorded and typed down; only what matters to the speech will be included.

There are softwares in the market as opposed to manual transcription, but these are not to be trusted as there could be serious errors. So there are so many firms offering transcription services. All you have to do is approach them, join their training period and become a transcriptionist trainee. It is not difficult at all and if you have the interest you can progress in your career. If you have an educational background in the chosen field then everything will be much easier.

Here are the qualities at a glance:

ñ  The urge to learn what is unclear
ñ  The perseverance to grasp what is eluding
ñ  Patience
ñ  Fast typing skills
ñ  Diligent and hardworking
ñ  Ability to produce fast turnarounds
ñ  Ability to follow instructions

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