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As a medical transcription from home employee, there will be both advantages and disadvantages which may cause you to consider starting a medical interview transcription home business.





Every company is different, these are just some areas of interest that you should consider if you choose to do medical interview transcription from home. If you do choose to work for a company, make sure that you do your due diligence and inquire about what the company offers their employees. Unfortunately, as an employee you will not be able to "fire" your boss, as a freelance transcriptionist would, but instead you will then have to find a new employer if you become unhappy with the company.





Insurance: Many medical transcription from home employees receive a lot of the same benefits that a regular employee would have, such as health, disability, dental, and vision insurance. Prior to signing on with a company, be sure to inquire if they provide insurance and get the details as to what their coverage is like.

Paid time off: As an employee you may be able to accrue paid time off which is a really nice advantage because life happens and sometimes it is difficult to take time off when you know that you won't be getting paid.

Vacation: Vacation time is also a huge plus for medical transcription at home employees. Many employees have families and having allotted vacation time allows a person to make definite plans for travel and other types of leisure activities because let's face it, you can't be chained to a desk 24/7!

Transcription equipment: Companies may provide you with all the equipment that you need, including medical interview transcription software, transcription foot pedal, and other transcription devices to help you get set up properly.

Retirement Programs: Some transcriptionists who work from home may be eligible to participate in a 401(k) program or other type of retirement program offered through their employer. Retirement programs are an easy way to set aside money for the future automatically.

Holiday pay: Holiday pay makes it easier to make holiday plans with family and friends knowing that you won't be missing out on your medical interview transcription wages.




Set hours: As a medical transcription at home employee you may have to be available during set hours of the working day. Companies hire both part-time employees (4-5 hours a day) and full-time (8 hours a day) employees and will expect you to work those set number of hours. If you work in financial transcription or with global companies, then you may also have to work during non-peak hours to be available.

Production quotas: Employers will expect their employees to produce a certain number of lines or pages per day.

Tracking: Some employers have very advanced methods to track your work. This may include tracking information about how many times you use your backspace to the amount of time that you spend not typing (if you get up to use the bathroom or grab a snack).

Accountability: As you are an employee, you will need to ask permission if you would like time off and when you can take your vacation. You will always have a supervisor that you will need to report to even if you do medical interview transcription at home.

Office distractions: Even if you do work from home, you may find that some medical transcription companies will send you emails, instant messages, and even phone you while you are working. Usually these little distractions will take away from your working time - time that you will be expected to make up, so make sure that you understand the culture of the company and whether you will be able to handle a company who finds it necessary to keep in touch with you through various means.




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